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-- Lith Gaia
On the occasion of its tenth year of existence, talented French project LITH delivers a new album, powerful and committed.
“Gaïa” (the Earth) is a call for our planet as the living cradle of everything that is ; in turns dark and desperate, “Gaïa” hints
at man as the destructor of nature and species (“Hiroshima”, “Katami”) but also evokes, in an optimistic, hopeful manner,
the cultures that have deified the earth and its elements (“Sentinelese”, “Huli”) and that still survive today.
Thus, somewhere between nightmare and dream, “Gaïa” ultimately points at the fact that, as the wisdom of sustaining
the world about us was immediately obvious to many men as they developed, so it should continue to be obvious to us.
For this new opus, LITH continues to explore the way opened by " Tribal End” while succeeding in giving to
his sound experiment even more depth and meaning. Mixing aesthetical soundscapes, tribal and trance
elements, distorted noises, fast break beats and powerful industrial rhythms in the vein of Somatic
Responses, Antigen Shift or Iszoloscope, LITH creates a unique sound atmosphere and clearly
confirms his leading position in the French up-tempo industrial electronic scene.

This new album comes in a luxurious 2 panels packaging limited edition and includes extended mutimedia works with 3 exclusive track and videos.

Track listing :
01 – Katami
02 – Hiroshima
03 – Atmosphere
04 – Communicate
05 – Gaïa II
06 – Imperialism
07 – Forgotten Ethnies
08 – Huli
09 – Sentinelese
10 – Amazon
11 – Escape (destructured mix by Elektroplasma)
12 – Species (leitmotiv versus mix by Muckrackers)
13 – Gaïa (rhythm mix by Antigen Shift)
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- Flint Glass Nyarlathotep

A slightly more melodic, sad and obscure side of Flint Glass that still keeps the cold and dark atmosphere that defines its sound.Inspired by H.P Lovecraft novels, coldness and warmth are constantly fighting for predominance and the quasi-total absence of vocals makes it an extremely visionary record which would be a perfect match for a number of movie soundtracks varying from post apocalyptic to foggy northern woods, from lunar landscapes to horror aberrations. Deeply disturbing and yet unequivocally enjoyable and morbidly relaxing.

This album is coming in a beautiful 8 pages digipack designed by Eyelyft and include four excellent remixes by Ah Cama Sotz, This Morn Omina with Empusae, Xabec and Disharmony.
tracklist :
01 R'lyeh la morte
02 Neither dead
03 Brain speaking machine
04 Azathoth
05 De Vermis Mysteriis
06 Ubbo-Sathla
07 Nephren-Ka
08 Hastur
09 Alhazred
10 Yuggoth
11 Angular Space
12 Shudde M'ell
13 Cthulhu dawn
14 Yog-Sothot
15 Slither chaos
+ Remixes
16-“Brain Death” by Ah Cama Sotz
17-“Germ code” by Disharmony
18-“Brain speaking machine” by Xabec
19-“R'lyeh la morte” by This Morn Omina and Empusae
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- O.T.X. - Escape
Item # brume 11
O.T.X is a much talented 26-year-old Anglo-Italian composer whose first album "Escape" -original, mature and really efficient-

Influenced by such soundtracks composers as Hanz Zimmer, Michael Kamen, Kenji Kawai and Jocelyn Pook, as well as experimental music pioneers like Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, Philip Glass or Tangerine Dream, or even Orbital, Autechre, The Orb, Aphex Twin and LFO …
Together with French filmmaker Stéphane Berla, German photographer Katrin Gutershausen, graphic designer Mathieu Orioli, O.T.X has created a work of pure imagination that could be seen as the bizarre encounter between two worlds dear to O.T.X: music and cinema; thus, the artist perceives his own opus in terms of "cinematographic sounds" or "musical images", and skilfully mixes electronica rhythms with strangely innocent voices and special effects "from outer space".
But O.T.X is also a highly explosive encounter between different musical trends like industrial, dark ambient, trance and drum'n'bass… With "Escape", O.T.X manages to create a multitude of disquieting virtual worlds, where the listener may endlessly get lost…
The album, including excellent remixes by Oil 10 and Displacer and a video for "Weapons Factory" by Stéphane Berla, is a kind of musical experiment that may forecast a new era for dark ambient electronica…

Audio Samples
la voix sombre des anges / mental escape
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- ZONK'T - itching
With "Itching", Zonk’t preserves his "touch" : relentless groove, a low and hypnotic bass, often a complex rhythmic architecture getting close to electronic industrial dub.
Much more direct tracks, less dark but always very nocturnal where the laptop electronica takes over. One would think of click and cuts minimalist movement; not only with the microscopic precision of the rhythmic compositions, but also with its work on the sound and of its spatialization, but escapes its hermetism and offers a much more sensual version. One thinks of Plastikman after a training course with Techno Animal, Scorn or Pan Sonic. Most of the titles are altered versions of choreography music and video creations, including 2 remixes by the famous French artists Flint Glass and Oil 10.

Inventive, modern and rich, "Itching" should stand out as one of this year’s best surprise.

Audio Samples
gasped / arsenal / banging shutter
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DATA RAPER - Carbon Flora
Carbon Flora is an album that combines atmospheric, melodic phases with dark rhythms that include everything from powerful pounding to lively throbbing. All that comes together with dramatically expressive vocals to produce a total sound that goes way beyond anything that might be called "alternate".
Data Raper's music sounds the way music should at the begining of a new millennium full of energy but not too aggressive, danceable but not complacent, modern but never contrived.

Including :
Kaltes Blut / Steel Hands / Dark Prophet / Shame for happiness / When I doubt / Invasion (club mix) / Necrose / Carbon flora / Wall street lobectomy / 5eme colonne / Sternreise / Carbon return (mix by Mlada Fronta) / Invasion (cybermix by E.S.R)

Audio Samples
Darkprophet / Invasion (Cybermix) / Kaltes Blut / Carbon Flora
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