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New Music Label : New Music Label is a one-stop solution for seeking, finding, and managing all types of Music careers.

Sottofondi Musicali : Very Nice Music site with the News in Italian.

KAO Production : Montreal's superior promotional machine led by Jean-Francois Fortin.

This is Corrosion : 24/7 music broadcast, news, releases... so come corrode your mind.

XSDESIGN : Mr. Ackermann private creative studio (France)

Le Vestibule : Tous les samedis soirs entre 21 h et 23 h sur les ondes de CFOU 89,1 FM, la station de radio de l'UQTR.

Music SUBMIT : A website and press release submission service for the musician.

Heathen Harvest : Heathen Harvest is the number one rated resource for radical queer people wanting acess to the most up to date underground music reviews, interviews, news, events etc.

DIGITAL FREQUENCIES : New online station featuring many radio shows (including Distorted Circuitry, An Impression of Sound, Subluna Radio, Cyberage, and more) 24/7 as streaming radio.

CITE SOUTERRAINE : Montreal Special Radio Program for EBM/Industrial/Noise Music.

DJ MORGANA : Toronto special DJ and The Vatikan activist.

RAZORGRRL : Toronto special DJ and TIK activist.

LES MOUCHES NOIRES : Simply one of the finest radio program for electro-industrial music in Canada.

LE FANTASTIQUE : French site where to get your daily supply of Fantastique

IN PERPETUAL MOTION : Great underground music available 24/7 via Real Audio/Quicktime.

VARIA COMPILATION : Independant Compilation of Alternative Music for Independant People.

MUSIC REVIEW : The Next Generation of Music related Sites.

MARC BOULAY : Amazing French Sculpteur Animalier.

AXESSCODE : French Electronic Association from Montpellier.

CYBERAGE RADIO : Where you get your new music weekly !

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