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KAGDILA : Kagdila, from California, supplying all of North America with fresh, bountiful supplies of Psychedelic Trance, Psy-Breaks, and Ambient music as well.

NEIN RECORDS : American/Independent record label that specializes in R.A.I.D. Musik (R.hythm A.nalog I.ntelligent D.istorted)

THISCO : Simply the bestelectronic record label in Portugal.

GOLEM RECORDS : Very original Canadian Label. Home of WESTERNDREAM, Nomad Lab and other etheral projects.

LATEX RECORDS : New American Label unafraid of exploring mysticism, magick, myth. And they carry our Catalog!

PRIKOSNOVENIE : The Fairy Label, home of GOR, Lys, ethnica music, and more.

DIVINE COMEDY : French Label, home of H.I.V+, Othila, Land, and more.

BURNING EMPTINESS : French Label, home of TinRP, MooN and more. Experimental Bliss !

.ANGLE.REC. : New Canadian Label, home of the occult sectors of electronic music.

BRUME : Great French Label, home of Flint Glass, OIL10 and more.

PARAMETRIC : French Label, home of Mlada Fronta and Mimetic.

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