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Scott Fro : His musical style ranges from melody driven jungle to triphop to IDM; merging all these genres into one unique sound.

shizuka : When electronic music meets ambient originality.

Lith : French electro-tribal act that digs in the archives of our heritage to show what we have lost

Rik Allen : Author of many Brilliant Sculptures expressing our fragility.

Warehunt : Amazing segments of American Industrial Legacy

Abandoned Places : Very nice photos from Henk van Rensbergen.

Jean-Marc Dauvergne : Impressive French artist that captures the silence of the world.

Tamara Kent : I bet you just want to follow Tamara down the rabbit hole ? Here's your chance !

Communication Zero : French musician with a special ability to translate emotions and introspection.

Andre Sanchez : Very versatile French photographer.

Stendeck : Based in Lugano, Switzerland, Stendeck is a brilliant electronic act bouncing between ambient parts, distorted beats and noisy keys.

Wai Pi Wai : electronic beats meet exciting and fantastic electronica sounds by herman klapholz (ah cama-sotz) and jérôme soudan (mimetic)

EVE CHABOT : Grafik Designer from Montreal involved in many music related projects.

JENNY STURGIS : Very passionate Photographer known for her musical subjects.

EMPUSAE : Superb Dark Electro act from Belgium.

H.I.V.+ : A very active entertainer from the South of France willing to spread the Industrial Virus.

MILLIGRAMME : French Musician aiming at your body structure though organic sonic missiles.

HAIKU : French Musician exploring the boundaries of electro-ambient music for our listening pleasures.

fotorismus : Britta's website... when light is capture to reflect on our serenity and our passionate obsessions!

HEADSCAN : .:: ebm electronic dark futuristic techno music from Canada ::.

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