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Location : Lugano, Switzerland

Members : Alessandro Zampieri - piano, synths, programming, guitar

Chronicle : Based in Lugano, Switzerland, Stendeck is a brilliant electronic act bouncing between ambient parts, distorted beats and noisy keys with the presence of acoustic instruments opening warm landscapes to the listener's ears.

The name Stendeck is a variation of "stendec", the final strange Morse code radio message sent by the plane Stardust on August 2nd 1947 before its mysterious crash.

Alessandro Zampieri, the man behind Stendeck, born June 14th 1977 in Lugano, Switzerland, began his musical career at a very young age playing the Piano. Stendeck was formed in 1999 when Alessandro Zampieri at the age of 22 turned his attention to the new borders of electronic music.

In 2002 Stendeck put all his efforts in the making of his first demo album, "a crash into another world" which had very good reviews and a warm welcome from music fans all over Switzerland. The beginning of 2003 marked a change for Stendeck, when Alessandro, seeking new experiences, worked on the audio effects of a very interesting short-film "The Bridge", by a promising young director, Gaston Dupuy. During the same year he started working on his debut album, taking a completely different approach and pushing the boundaries of his sonic research even further. This new record builds his strengths on his songwriting abilities leading the listener in a mindblowing musical experience. The album is called "Can you hear my call?" and was mastered by Mike Wells (Gridlock). Finally in December 2004 Stendeck joined Geska Records...

Inspiration : everything that makes me feel alive

Dictum : words can be so deceiving

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Can you hear my call?

Can you hear my call? is not only the key that will open your mind, it's the glorious answer to what music should remain: a celebration inspired by death who is still breathing life!

Track Listing

01 citylights slide behind you, and you are just like a small star lost in the night

02 waiting for a new day

03 lonely souls can't dance

04 killing the man in the mirror

05 5 a.m. when the night kisses the day

06 numbered, well ordered, stocked in a big grey square of boxes (metropolitan disease)

07 Sigiriya's tear

08 cold vapour smoke was coming from his mouth

09 walking above the clouds

10 sssilence, sleeping in the Japanese garden

11 monsters are getting closer - black shadows swallow dreams

12 waking up into unknown lands

13 falling leaves, like red pillows on my wounds

14 frozen sun

15 can you hear my call?


Stendeck is known for his finesse and creativity. This album is delicious blend of upbeat & downtempo electronica that relies heavily on distorted and dirty beats, luminous soundscapes and basslines. It's beautiful in the roughest way possible. .Discover 17 new songs that are so deep and highly emotional.

Track Listing

1 The day I saw you cry for the first time

2 Beneath wonderland's decay

3 Like falling crystals

4 Anywhere out of this world

5 A perfect place to say good-bye

6 Acting like you are not bleeding

7 Behind waterfalls

8 The woman who burnt on her bed

9 She watched the corners of the roof and then she left

10 Steal flowers to make drugs

11 Nocturnal manoeuvres before dawn

12 The massacre of the black flying horses

13 The porcelain and the girl I dreamt about

14 Aura Borealis, the extraordinary adventure of a boy against the infinite darkness

15 All the things I wanted to tell you but I didn't

16 Frames and teardrops

17 Faces (where are you now?)

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