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Universe : Your cerebral spheres of fantasy.

Architects : Shameh and Le Vicomte GVP.

Chronicle : Shameh arised from our darkest horizons.
By ignoring ourselves and our condition, and by living in some form of unconsciousness, this repressed and denied state, nurtured on all of our fears and phantasms, has taken the shape of this unreal being, this wandering creature. This repression process towards our unconsciousness reaches its height as we try, as never before, to compete with a shape, an incarnation of a divinity or the representation we have of it. So, more than ever, we want to be convinced of our superiority, of our civilization's merits, of the eradication of our animal impulses. More than ever, we want to believe that we have moved away from apes and that we are now getting closer to God. But Shameh will prove that we are not.
Indeed, her goal is to reveal each hidden thought, to free it by embodying it and then to denounce that we repressed our own nature as it's in the acceptance and self-awareness that we'll find a way to raise ourselves and to compete with the Creator, that we'll get a chance to become our Self-Creator."

Inspiration : Her influences are multiple. However, the music represents the primary vector.
Indeed, Shameh was precisely born from a mixture of genres and the passion for those various musical styles.
Consequently, the concept of Shameh being the fruit of this passion for Music in general, and not a single musical genre.
This creative source is allowing connection with the spectator, and is essential to any voyage in Shameh's Universe.
Interaction with Shameh is solely possible within the sonic universe, because all those sounds are pure emotional vectors!

Dictum : to be or not, to be is your fantasy.

Official Site : To Come !




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