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Location : Montreal / Toronto, Canada

Members : Tamara Kent (keyboards, vocals, guitars, programming)

Chronicle : Tamara has been writing strange, emotionally haunting music since the 80's. Over the years her style has evolved from Candy Coated Synthpop to Dark Defiled Ambience. She is best known as a Vocalist and Producer, lending her talents to numerous acts within the Industrial/Goth community. Minefield's work reaches beyond the borders of fishnet and black wax to a place embodied by the Alternative Mainstream. Her debut ep 'After The Ball' earned her top 30 College Rotation here in Canada and a number of promising reviews. As things began to simmer, Tamara enlisted the help of other artists of the genre to remix the ep. This 12 track offering aptly titled, 'Decomposition: Re-inventing Minefield' is a favourite of dj's and fans of dancefloor friendly electronica. Late in 2002 she released a follow up album 'War Machine' and introduced Minefield to the world at large. Tamara is currently working on Minefield's 3rd album of original material. The new album follows Tamara further down the bunny trail...into the world of spells and seduction that she has become known for. Expect the album to hit shelves this Spring (2005).

Dictum : If you can't feel it... it's not real.

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