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Location : Belgium / Europe

Members :Tom Cornille (vocals) - Frédérique Malbrancke (drums) - Tom Vannevel (guitar) - Renzo Deroo (bass) - Wim Vanlancker (keyboard)

Chronicle : Foetal Void was officially founded in 1998 by Tom Cornille. About five years ago, his interest in music progressed from being an avid supporter of the European alternative Goth/Industrial scene to the actual composition and production of music itself. Determined to extend on what influencing bands like Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Depeche mode, Gary Numan etc. did in the past, he works with an "anything goes" attitude. On the music front, he's an autodidact, playing anything from keyboard, drum pads and guitar to mastering samplers and other machinery. Apart from drum loops, synth parts and the occasional guitar line, subtle noise layers and ambient organic sound enrich the overall texture of the resulting sound. A processed live recorded gear shifting sound can be as interesting as any synth if you use it the right way. All tracks are written and composed by Tom Cornille, occasionally co-operating with other musicians to keep the texture fresh and exciting.

Inspiration : The music is very much inspired by everything evolving around the human psyche, desires and fears as well as the surroundings a persona is influenced by. The name Foetal Void stems from the thought that a human being in its most primal stage is "void". As an individual progresses, and is subsequently exposed to its surroundings, it gets filled up with emotions, desires, fears and a sense of right and wrong. But what exactly is right and wrong? Aren't they the most relative terms ever? Nothing is as important as developing your own mind, thinking about things from a different perspective and not just plain following what this world tells you is right. Because most of the time, society and general opinion isn't always as "right" as they want you to believe. Peeling labels and getting to a core that somehow makes more sense than wealth, power and general egocentric goals. See, think and react. Resist fascism, racism and egocentrism. It needs to be done.

Dictum : Open your eyes… break free… think for yourself… dare to go deep inside… it needs to be done.

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Know EP

First Release from this Belgian Revelation.
Their new release KNOW EP is simply an introduction to the sacred dimensions of Tom Cornille, leader of the band. This young musician who started working in straight colors and expanded on their relations to bring to life this incredible first mini-album is offering you the opportunity to experience a joyful ride inside the classical spheres of his art.

Introduce yourself now to the 6 new titles from the Belgian Band that includes special remixes from Snuff Pop International, and Pedro Alexandre of Nature Morte.
This new EP fills the voids between the songs of today and the music of tomorrow !

Track Listing

01 Know 

02 Sense of All 

03 Know (smallband)

04 Know (Snuff pop mix)

05 Know (marylyn mix)

06 Forged Senses 

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