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Location : Earth.

Members : LommeLoir, Franck Ackermann, MooN, Tin.RP, Pedro Alexandre,

Chronicle : The Brainfog Project was created in 2001 by mASTER D.
Inspired by the cadavre exquis, the leader has assembled few collaborators to help him explore the world of mental disorder, ancient cultures and death.
Using words, colors, and samples taken from their daily lives, the members of the project are elaborating individual landscapes of sonic images and are sharing them with each other through various media.
No titles, no plans, just the essential meeting of minds and bodies.
Nevertheless, what will eventually be captured as songs is presently taking on the form of spheres of pleasure floating between members located throughout the world.
Initially perceived as a special project of collaboration, The Brainfog Project became a mission for all the contributors, who were able to share a common vision with the master himself !
Through months of collaboration, improvisation sessions have helped the musicians comply with the specific requirements of each investigator.
The absence of rules dictated by the leader has created an almost surreal atmosphere around this project.

Interventions :

SONIC VISIONS (techno-trancey/ambient compilation from the Tree of Life) released mid-January 2004.
10 Collaborators : Mlada Fronta, Mimetic, HIV+, WESTERNDREAM, Pedro Alexandre of Nature Morte, OIL10, Photophob, Flint Glass, Haiku, Milligramme. Special Artwork by Steph Dumais (RaisinLove).

A.L.P.H.A. (Electro-Noise/Ambient compilation (2 CDS) related to the struggle between Culture and Nature, inspired by Jenny Sturgis photos). Released mid-April 2005.

Inspiration : Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and bottled products.

Dictum : You cannot absolutely reduce the effects of music with the mind.

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