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Location : Earth.

Members : SAGANA_SQUALE & mD.

Chronicle : .k.o.r.p.s. is the extension of our desire to exist. Music wise. Grafik wise as well. We loose trust daily but we keep reminding ourselves that it just might worth it. We breath freedom as we neglect conformity. We challenge the guidelines as we integrate fear and reason to protect ourselves. .k.o.r.p.s. is about sending clear and brutal messages for a better understanding, for better rituals. Time and space as one. Life and death as creative sources in motion. We have found it. Itís the reward we share with the rest of the world.

Inspiration : Perfection syndrome, Lack of self-objectivity, inability to see oneself in context, Death, Loss of self-effectiveness and self-suggestion, Oversensitivity. Electronic arts.

Dictum : Life as a "transitional-space".

Official Site : right here, enjoy!



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