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Time becomes an illusion simply because we are still collecting the hours and the years ... And to trade our fear of vanishing without leaving a mark, we compile fragments of our imagination. The following Compilations carry the spirit of our primal intention: Symbiosis of lyricism, of music and gesture.




ZCFH! Sonic Assault!

Alternative comics and electronic music converge in "Zombie Commandos From Hell! Sonic Assault", a compilation soundtrack included with the 3rd issue of the ZCFH! series from Boneyard Press. The soundtrack features artists from both sides of the Atlantic, each with his own take on the ZCFH! mythos. Dark ambient atmospherics evoke the menacing advance of the undead troops and epic trance compositions reveal the scale of the menace while cyberpunk anthems, crunchy noise mantras and quirky videogame themes bring the action down to the street-level hack and slash. Fast, furious and pounding beats combined with slow, creeping and disturbing terror illustrates in sound what the comics depict in uncompromising detail.

Compiled by ZCFH! creator, Steph Dumais, mastered at Millenium-Studios and co-produced by Optikon Records and Geska Records.

Track Listing

01 Intro

02 MILLIGRAMME "Stomach" 

03 HEADSCAN "Dissolution" 

04 IMPLANT "Zombie"

05 MIMETIC DATA "Schizoid"

06 CAGE DECAY "Get Your Gun" 

07 EMPUSAE "Last Breath" 

08 NEGATIVE FORMAT "Gaia's Will" 

09 TARMVRED "Kill All Humans"

10 MLADA FRONTA "Invisible" 

11 PTSMC "Zombies Awaken!"

12 SMP "Kommando"

13 MIND CONFUSION "The Final Chapter"


15 FLINT GLASS "Last Prayer Before Chaos"

16 BABEL-17 "Gaia's Nightmare"

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